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Nothing Phone 2
Nothing Phone (2) 

Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone (1)
৳66,990 12/256 GB

Nothing Phone News

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Nothing (company) is a London-based British consumer electronics manufacturer. The company was founded by the co-founder of popular smartphone brand OnePlus, Carl Pei. After resigning from OnePlus in October 2020, Pei started to work on founding his new Venture called the Nothing company. The company was announced on 27th January 2021.

Nothing Phones

The company first produced some phone accessories such as wireless headphones. It was on 23rd March 2022 when the first phone of the company, Nothing Phone (1) was announced. Then after one year and a few months on July 11, 2023, the second gen. Nothing Phone (2) was announced.


The main philosophy of Nothing smartphones is to remove the barriers between humans and technology. They believe that beautiful tech should be simple and not complicated. Intuitive, trust, artistry, and passion are some adjectives they use to describe the philosophy behind crafting their products. They are also focused “Internet of Things” where all devices can be connected together. They are also focused on futuristic design, secure OS, premium quality cameras and environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

Availability in Bangladesh

Smartphones from this brand are officially available in Bangladesh through some online stores and authorized sellers who will provide an official warranty upon purchasing phones from this brand. It is not sure at the moment if they will enter the Bangladeshi market as a brand entity with showrooms, service centers and so on. Since the production lineup is not big and the demand is also modest, the chance isn’t that big at the moment. But brands like Apple still sell their products through authorized dealers only, so, it can very well be the case for Nothing phones in the coming years. But we have to wait for now to see how the brand and its product lineup develop and also the response from the consumers.

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