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Latest Vega Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023


Vega V7 Tiger
Vega V7 Tiger
Vega V12 Spider dual
Vega V12 Spider
৳1,350 Dual

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Vega is a Bangladeshi Mobile phone manufacturing brand owned by Alamin & Brothers company. The company owns 5Star, Vega and Agetel brands of which 5Star is the most popular.

Vega brand gained some popularity with their Vega V7 Tiger and Vega V12 Spider handsets. These are regular very low-budget feature phones with features such as Wireless FM radio, Bluetooth, back camera, privacy lock, MP3/MP4 players and so on. There is also 3GP for accessing some social media platforms. These components at their price level made these phones an attractive package for those looking for a device at the lowest price possible that can match their basic needs.

As of now, we do not know if they will opt-in to make other electronic devices, smartphones or related accessories in this strongly competitive market.