Top Mobile Brands in Bangladesh

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Top Mobile Phone Brands in Bangladesh

MobileDokan Top 10 Brands by Views

1. Xiaomi229,096
2. Realme172,777
3. Samsung149,795
4. Oppo98,737
5. Vivo98,642
6. Infinix93,374
7. Tecno80,631
8. Symphony70,282
9. OnePlus52,923
10. Apple44,494
[as of September 15-21, 2023]

Most Popular Mobile Phone Brands in Bangladesh by Market Share

BrandMarket Share
1. Samsung19.73%
2. Xiaomi19.26%
3. Vivo11.74%
4. Unknown10.69%
5. Realme10.65%
6. Oppo8.99%
Source: Statcounter [Aug 2022 – Aug 2023]

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There are different ways to calculate the top mobile phone brands in a market or country. We do it in two different methods 1. by views and 2. by market share.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands by Views

Our first method is to see the amount of views a brand page has on our website. We check this on a weekly basis and update the result here accordingly. This way we can determine the most popular or trendy brands in the most recent time. However, it can be that visitors have an interest in a brand at the moment, e.g. because of a new release or any other reason but they are not yet purchasing phones from this brand. This can be due to various reasons. One example is that maybe the phone has a new flagship release that is attractive to the visitors to check out but it doesn’t match the budget of many of the visitors. This way the brand’s popularity and value may increase but it may not reflect the market share of the brand or the amount of sales of their products.

By Market Share

This is a more practical way to determine a true market leader in the mobile or smartphone industry. However, the data has to be collected for a longer period of time. This is because a brand may be popular for a few weeks or for a month because of a hot new release but their popularity may decline or be balanced after that for a longer time. A good example of this is that, the brand Apple always become extremely popular in the month of September because of their new iPhone release. But after that, the popularity of the brand is gradually balanced again. So, we show the market share of last one year to determine who is leading the market.

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