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Latest Top Tab & E-book Reader Price in Bangladesh 2023


Official ✭

Realme Pad
Realme Pad
Realme Pad Mini
Realme Pad Mini
Apple iPad 10.9-Inch-10th-Gen 2022
Apple iPad 2022 10th Gen.
৳58,900 59900 64 GB WiFi
৳77,900 76900 256 GB WiFi
Apple iPad Air 5th gen
Apple iPad Air 5th Gen.
৳76,900 77900 64 GB WiFi
৳96,000 97900 256 GB WiFi
Apple iPad Mini 6th gen
Apple iPad Mini 6th Gen.
৳65,900 69900 64 GB WiFi
৳87,900 90900 256 GB WiFi
Apple iPad Pro 2022 6th gen
Apple iPad Pro 2022 6th Gen.
৳142,900 145,900 128 GB WiFi
৳155,900 158,900 256 GB WiFi

E-Book Readers

Unofficial only

Amazon Kindle 6-inch 11th Gen
Amazon Kindle 6” 11th Gen.
16 GB
Amazon Kindle Oasis
Amazon Kindle Oasis
8 GB
Amazon Kindle 6.8-inch 11th Gen
Amazon Kindle PaperWhite 6.8” 11th Gen.
৳21,999 16 GB
৳21,999 ৳24,999 32 GB
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle 6” 11th Gen.
32 GB

Tablet computer tab

Why Tabs And E-Book Readers?

Tabs are still popular and a necessary gadget at this time and age for various reasons. many thought that the usage of Tab will perish with time or the foldable smartphones will take over their place. But they were all wrong.

First of all, why are Tabs or Tablet computers still relevant? Number 1 reason, reading. Yes, if you want to read something, Tab is offering you a much bigger display. Its much more comfortable to read on a regular basis.

Also for watching videos or content in general, it gives a much more pleasing experience. it’s bigger than a phone and more compact than a laptop, so, you can just sit in a sofa and hold it in your hand like a book and read or watch something. Android Tabs are very popular but Apple iPads are also very reliable and popular especially among professionals.

E-Book readers are mainly used for reading E-books. It has a paper-like display which is much more comfortable to the eyes and it also much more personalized for those who want to read books. You can either read regular PDFs, DOCS or other E-book formats for example from the Amazon E-book store. Amazon Kindle E-book readers are most popular in this product line.

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