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Latest Top Smartwatch Price in Bangladesh 2023


Realme Watch 2
Realme Watch 2
Realme Watch 2 Pro
Realme Watch 2 Pro
Apple Watch 8 Midnight 45 mm
Apple Watch Series 8
৳53,900 58,900
Midnight Aluminum | 45mm | GPS
Apple Watch 8 Starlight Almunium 41MM
Apple Watch Series 8
৳49,900 55,900
Starlight Aluminum | 41mm | GPS
Apple Watch Series SE 44mm
Apple Watch Series SE 2nd Gen
৳36,900 39,900
Midnight Aluminum | 44mm | GPS

Smartbands ✭

Realme Band 2
Realme Band 2


What is a Smartwatch?

It’s a watch that you can wear in your hand but it functions more like a compact smartphone for specific tasks.

Smartwatches aren’t that new in terms of popularity in Bangladesh. But in the year 2023, it has got a boost in its popularity. Many consumers now a days consider having a smartpatch to complement their smartphone as well as for many practical reasons.

So why smartwatches are better than a regular watch? Wll, for us, there is no comparison. A regular, calssic watch is elegant in its own way and many people still prefer it above smartwatches. Many people also use a smartwatch for example while they go for jogging and use a classic regular watch when then go for a formal event. Like we said, there is no comparison really.


If you own a smartwatch, you can have many features as a shortcut or use them in a quick way. For example a smartwatch can give you notifications, fitness tracking, GPS or can manage your earbuds while listening to something. These are just a few features a smartwatch can offer. Of course there are many more such as make calls directly from the watch, leave a quick voice message, set alarms and reminders and last but not the least check the time.

Smartwatches are more compact, hands-free and have long battery life, so, they are more convenient to carry than looking at a phone. So, usually people pair their phone and smartwatch via Bluetooth.

Some popular types of smartwatches are Apple Watch (designed by Apple, compatible with iPhones), Pixel Watch (compatible with Android), Wear Watch (Google wear operating system) and Tizen Watch (by Samsung)

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