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Latest Top Laptop Computer & PC Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Realme Book
Realme Book
৳59,999 Core i3
৳73,999 Core i5
Realme Book Prime
Realme Book Prime
Apple Macbook Air 2023 15 inch
Apple Macbook Air 2023
৳174,900 ৳180,900 13-inch
Apple Macbook Air 13-inch 2022
Apple Macbook Air 2022
৳144,900 ৳161,900 13-inch

Desktop PC

Apple iMac 2021 24-inch 8 core
Apple iMac 2021
৳224,900 24-inch
Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 07IAB7
Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 07IAB7
৳53,500 ৳57,830 13″ Core i5


You may think laptops / desktop PC and mobile phones are not related. But they go hand in hand. Many users use mobile hotspot to use internet from their mobile SIM to their laptops or computers. Basically, it works as WiFi for the computer. This is a great feature if you have a contract-free prepaid cheap mobile internet package. Broadband internet requires a contract and an extra connection.

Many also use PC emulator to play mobile games in their laptop or PC. Many PC games have mobile version. Some laptops are foldable and can be used like a tab. You have foldable phones that work as a tab. hen ther are Android laptops from Google now a days. So, they are all very much related.

If you want to buy a laptop, we suggst to buy at least a core i5 laptop for decent gaming and long-term stable performance. Core i3 is also ok for office work or general internet usage and so on. Less than core i3 processor, we do not recommend these days anymore. Then you also want to check if you have an HD webcam in case if you want to record video or do important video calling. Surprisingly, many fairly higher priced laptops still come with a lower resolution 480p webcam. You also want to chck the size of its RAM. If you are a laptop gamer, you should have 16 GB RAM these days with an updated powerful NVIDIA graphics card. This is a typical setup, and of course, there are other options out there. You also want a nice Full HD+ display.

When it comes to PC or desktop computer, it depends on your purpose and personality. There are dedicated gaming PCs if you are a hardcore gamer. There are also general all-purpose home PCs which are more popular. The best option is to go to a convenient store and ask an expert about the configuration that will best suit your budget and needs.

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