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Latest Top International Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2023

Honor 100 Pro black
Honor 100 Pro
 12/256 GB
৳57,400 16/256 GB
৳62,000 16/512 GB
৳68,200 16GB/1TB
Honor 100 violet
Honor 100
 12/256 GB
৳43,400 16/256 GB
৳46,500 16/512 GB
Oppo Reno11 Pro silver
Oppo Reno11 Pro
 12/256 GB
৳58,900 12/512 GB
Oppo Reno11 green
Oppo Reno11
 8/256 GB
৳43,400 12/256 GB
৳46,500 12/512 GB
Vivo X100 Pro blue
Vivo X100 Pro
৳76,800 12/256 GB
৳81,400 16/256 GB
৳84,500 16/512 GB
৳92,200 16GB/1TB
Vivo X100 orange
Vivo X100
৳61,500 12/256 GB
৳66,000 16/256 GB
৳70,700 16/512 GB
৳76,800 16GB/1TB
Xiaomi Redmi 13C black
Xiaomi Redmi 13C
৳13,500 4/128 GB
৳14,900 8/256 GB
Vivo iQOO 12 Pro black
Vivo iQOO 12 Pro
৳76,100 16/256 GB
৳83,700 16/512 GB
৳91,300 16 GB/1 TB
Vivo iQOO 12 white
Vivo iQOO 12
৳60,900 12/256 GB
৳65,500 16/512 GB
৳71,600 16 GB/1 TB
Xiaomi Poco C65 purple
Xiaomi Poco C65
 6/128 GB
৳14,000 8/256 GB
Realme GT5 240W white
Realme GT5 240W
 24 GB / 1 TB
Lava Blaze 2 5G lavender
Lava Blaze 2 5G
৳13,400 4/64 GB
৳14,700 6/128 GB
Xiaomi 14 Pro
Xiaomi 14 Pro
৳75,400 12/256 GB
৳82,900 16/512 GB
৳90,500 16 GB/1 TB
Xiaomi 14
Xiaomi 14
৳60,300 8/256 GB
৳64,800 12/256 GB
৳69,400 16/512 GB
৳75,400 16 GB / 1 TB
OnePlus Open black
OnePlus Open
 16/512 GB
[India price]
Oppo Find N3 gold
Oppo Find N3
 16/512 GB
Oppo Find N3 Flip pink
Oppo Find N3 Flip
 12/256 GB
Vivo V29 Pro blue
Vivo V29 Pro
 8/256 GB IN
৳57,100 12/256 GB IN
Samsung Galaxy A05s silver
Samsung Galaxy A05s
৳18,600 6/128 GB
Samsung Galaxy A05 black
Samsung Galaxy A05
৳15,100 6/128 GB
Tecno Pova 5 Pro 5G
Tecno Pova 5 Pro 5G
 8/128 GB
itel S23+ lake cyan
itel S23+
8/256 GB

International Mobile News

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What are International Phones in Bangladesh?

International phones or gadgets are products that have been released, announced, or are expected to be upcoming in countries other than Bangladesh. These mobile phones have not been officially announced or released in Bangladesh and are also not available unofficially in popular retail stores.

Why do we show international mobile prices?

These are popular devices that are searched by tech lovers or consumers in general who follow the mobile industry or want to have the latest one for them with the best, most updated features and prices. As there is demand, we show the price in Bangladeshi currency (BDT) to let visitors know about the prices of them in those countries. This enables them to either compare, order from foreign marketplaces online or just get an idea about the possible pricing in Bangladesh in case they are available. There are also consumers who travel to other countries for example to the neighboring country India who could get some of those phones in advance at a more affordable price. There are a lot of different possibilities.

When are international phones released in Bangladesh?

Sometimes brands release a phone first in Bangladesh, then in other countries. Sometimes they are released at the same time in a few countries including Bangladesh. If that’s not the case, a phone released outside of Bangladesh may arrive first unofficially in retail stores without any official brand warranty. However, the trusted and popular shops do provide their own service and parts replacement warranty. There are dedicated and established shops in this category that have done business for many years so, many buyers choose this option because it’s often faster to get a phone this way and it’s also usually cheaper or more affordable.

The official release depends on the brand’s capacity, business strategy and other factors. There is no consistency in the time between the international release to the official release. Many of them are not officially released as well so, fans of a specific phone model either look for online purchases from foreign marketplaces, travel abroad, or buy unofficially.