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Helio S60
Helio S60
Helio S5
Helio S5
৳10,990 ৳13,990

Helio is a Bangladeshi smartphone manufacturing brand and a part of Edison Group which is the founder of the well-known Symphony Mobile as well. Our analysis indicates that Helio phones are made explicitly for low-mid to mid-range budget consumers with premium features and performance. Symphony is renowned for releasing low-budget smartphones. So, Edison Group created a separate entity for manufacturing phones with higher specs and extended features. It can be because of internal business structure, company strategy, research or development purpose. A similar example is the Chinese BBK Electronics which is the owner of two successful brands Oppo and Vivo. So, this type of business is not uncommon in the phone industry.

Helio & Symphony

The official website of Symphony Mobile has reference to Helio phone models. So, they are working together closely. Symphony is one of the most popular and trusted smartphone brands of Bangladesh for many years now. So, Helio automatically gets a share of reputation.

Helio in Bangladeshi Market

Helio Android phones were quite successful in their early stage. It is still one of the well-recognized brands in Bangladesh with modern design, good specs and features. They usually release one single device every year. Helio S60 released in August 2018 with a notch design is one of their latest releases.