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Latest Top Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Bengal BG 211 4 SIM
Bengal BG 211
৳2,250 4 SIM
Symphony S30
Symphony S30
Symphony S70
Symphony S70
5Star BD22 4 SIM
5Star BD22
৳1,890 4 SIM
5Star BD5101
5Star BD5101
৳1,250 Dual
Vega V7 Tiger
Vega V7 Tiger
Vega V12 Spider dual
Vega V12 Spider
৳1,350 Dual

feature phone

Feature or Button Phones

If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s or before that, you may still remember the vast usage of feature phones in Bangladesh. It was amazing to carry a device that had polyphonic ringtones. And think about those compact, slim Nokia phones. They single-handedly ruled the market those days. It’s the simple things that matter.

Not only that, we had MP3 players where we could store sounds and listen via headphones. Prior to that, we knew mostly just TV and Radio. So, it was more personalized. Then there were VGA or 2 MP back cameras with really low quality but it was such a great experience to take photos like that at all. The same goes for videos.

Apart from the nostalgic facts, feature phones are relevant today for a few other reasons as well. Many people don’t need a smartphone. They need a device just to make 2G calls and send SMS, for example, shopkeepers, small business owners, those with a low budget, or the elderly. Others switch back to feature phones for peace of mind and to get rid of the crowd of social media, messengers, apps and games. Some feature phones offer up to 4 SIM card slots in a single phone. That’s another niche market. Whatever the reason is, here we tried to present you the finest feature phones of today that you can get at an affordable price.

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