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Cat S22 Flip
Cat S22 Flip


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The mobile brand CAT (short form of Caterpillar) was developed by Bullitt Mobile Ltd which is a part of the British telecommunications and consumer electronics technology company named Bullitt Group Ltd. They are under an exclusive license from Caterpillar Inc. since 2012 [source wiki].

Who should use CAT phones?

CAT branded phones are known for their rugged and toughened phones with a strong build, powerful battery and unique styles. These phones run on the Android operating system and are usually focused on tough outdoor conditions usage. Their phones are ideal for sports personnel, hikers, or those who like to carry their phones when going on adventures outdoors or in nature. They manufacture both feature phones and Android smartphones and they often come with waterproof features, tough body material, strong display protection and so on.

CAT in Bangladesh

Phones and gadgets from them aren’t officially available in Bangladesh. However, Their phone CAT S22 Flip has been one of the most successful devices in the low-budget unofficial market. It is a flip phone with physical buttons that runs on Android 11 Go Edition.

As of now, it is not certain if there will be further models available in Bangladesh from this brand or if they will enter the market as an official brand entity.