Xiaomi reveals 14 series flagships in China with all of its true glory

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Xiaomi 14 series teaser

Xiaomi is not new in the flagship scene. You do expect from a leading brand like Xiaomi to deliver leading flagships. We have seen the Xiaomi 11 and 12 series and even the 13 series in the last years, which were flagship releases. But these were no leading flagships, in any sense. We haven’t seen any charismatic or the so-called X factor that will make users who want the best crave those phones. Now, Xiaomi finally realizes it and we figured it out with their all-new Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro.

These phones are released in China only right now. The global release may take place earlier next year with higher pricing, of course. Since Xiaomi is a Chinese brand with their base in China, it is a sure thing that the cost is lower there.

Xiaomi 14

Xiaomi 14 is the kind of phone when you check it out, you might say this is sufficient and you don’t need the Pro model, which is not the case for Apple, Samsung and so on. The Pro or Ultra versions come with significant differences and changes.

Xiaomi 14

Now just look at this device above. It is screaming, oozing, radiating class in totality. It is not a copy of another phone. It shows off individual identity in such a subtle manner that you can barely notice it. It is so simple yet so different, a true masterpiece in a market where the room isn’t that big for this kind of artistic precision in an abstract sense. That’s Xiaomi 14, a delicate-looking, comforting phone with a pinch of nostalgic touch and massive power inside it.

You can check out the full specs in the links of the phones above and we don’t see getting too technical in an article like this to be fitting. The camera, the display, the performance all are in the latest standard and offers true value for what you are gonna pay for it, respect for Xiaomi. Just to mention a few things, there is a 3000 nits high brightness QHD+ LTPO OLED screen, an impressive 50+50+50 MP back camera with Lecia, ultrawide and telephoto lenses, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, the new Android 14 and the new Xiaomi HyperOS UI. So, this is Android experience reimagined, merged and expanded in harmony with Xiaomi. A full charge takes about half an hour, which is optimal. The body is waterproof and you have glass or silicone polymer back as featured in some of the 13 series phones as well. Silicon polymer is a kind of faux (environment-friendly artificial) leather, which is often marketed as vegan leather.

Xiaomi 14 Pro

Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium Special Edition teaser
Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium Special Edition

This one has a bigger 6.73” screen compared to the regular ones 6.36” more compact screen. There is also a titanium-made frame model. Well, iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have got some company here (not good news for them though). And Xiaomi is definitely gonna put a lower price on this one than the iPhone 15 Pro models. But we don’t like to compare Android and iOS phones. These are two completely different experiences for different tastes and lifestyles.

Xiaomi 14 Pro teaser

While the regular 14 didn’t confirm what kind of screen protection it has, the Pro model comes with a “Xiaomi Longjing Glass” protection. This gives a more personalized touch than a flat Gorilla Glass and we like this fact here. It also has a slightly bigger 4880 mAh battery and a faster 120W wired charger, which takes a maximum of 18 minutes to fully charge it. There is 50W fast wireless charging support in both phones as well, if that’s your thing. The back camera is slightly improvised with a faster response and the display resolution is also higher.

It got a bit challenging now. Should you pick the new iPhone, Xiaomi 14 series or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series? Xiaomi wins in terms of pricing at least, but not cheap in any way, shape or form. Perhaps it will get the title of common people’s flagship and at the same time make its space in the posh zone. It’s a win-win.

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