Xiaomi is bringing new UI called HyperOS for the Xiaomi 14 series

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Xiaomi HyperOS

Those of us who use or have used Xiaomi phones are well-acquainted with Xiaomi’s MIUI interface. It has been one of the most common UI worldwide, as Xiaomi is one of the leading brands in this sector. Now, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has announced the deployment of a new UI called HyperOS. It is supposed to be a natural evolution of the current MIUI.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun

This is an Android Open Source project as you would expect but Xiaomi plans it to merge with Vela later on. Vela is Xiaomi’s platform for IoT (Internet of Things). Those who don’t know the technical term, through IoT you can connect your phone with a smart home, car and other things and use your phone to operate them, which is often seen as the future usage of smartphones.

Xiaomi HyperOS layout
Xiaomi HyperOS layout via GSMArena

Earlier, some screenshots were revealed where we could have a first look at the design of it and it looks very similar to the current MIUI but perhaps a bit more clean and modern. According to Xiaomi, the whole architecture of the software is rewritten, which shall improve the overall user experience.

Xiaomi 14 series is set to be announced in China on 26th of October and should be released this year in China. But the rest of the world will have to wait till early 2024 when the Xiaomi 14 series should have a global release. Primarily, two phones called Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro are arriving. An Ultra version may arrive later on, like we have seen Xiaomi 13 Ultra in this current 13 series. But there is no confirmation about that yet

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