When should you buy the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max in Bangladesh?

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro colors teaser

Today is 23rd September and the new iPhones were officially released yesterday in the US and perhaps in some other countries in the international market as well. We are talking exclusively about the Pro models here namely iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, because these are the main flagships. The phones are already available in the unofficial market of Bangladesh and some shops are still taking pre-booking. The big question is, should you buy it now or should you wait? Why are we saying this? Many of us know that the price is extremely high right now and there is no balance at all in pricing. Sellers are setting prices based on demand and market reaction. It might as well be double the price of the original US release price.

What is the US release price?

The price of 15 Pro starts from about ৳110,000 (128 GB) if you plainly convert the price from USD to Bangladeshi Taka on the announcement date of 12th September. The Pro Max price starts from about ৳132,000 (256 GB).

What is a reasonable price to buy them unofficially?

Many if not most units enter in Bangladeshi market from Singapore and not from the US. The price of Singaporean models is higher than the US price. After that, there is the so-called “hype price” or the new release price which is a reasonable thing at the moment. But sellers often push the hype even further and put a ridiculous price.

So, should you buy now or if not, when?

We recommend not to buy right now. Because you may be paying double the price or way too much. If you wait a bit, maybe you can buy two phones for the price. The cost should be closer to the US release price. As close as possible. Maybe you have to wait for a month or two for the price to go down close to that. We suggest to wait right now and not rush it. Maybe November or December would be a better time with a more reasonable price. Meanwhile, you can check some reviews of the gadgets and learn more about their functionality. Our review should be published soon as well.