Walton NEXG N6 released with 4 GB RAM but says “8GB*” in a fraudulent marketing strategy

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Walton NEXG N6 teaser

Walton Bangladesh introduces its new generation smartphone Walton NEXG N6. The phone is priced at ৳14,999 and is available in Bluish Green, and Sky Grey colors.

Marketing fraud by Walton Mobile Bangladesh

It is mentioned the phone has “8GB*” RAM. When a “*” or star mark is used, it means that “conditions apply” and it is compulsory to mention what condition. But Walton mobile didn’t mention the condition in their website or in social media marketing campaigns. This is leading the consumers to believe that the phone has 8 GB actual built-in RAM but it has only 4 GB built-in RAM. You can optionally use the internal storage of the phone to extend the RAM for up to 8 GB. But the extended RAM is not called RAM. It is necessary to term it differently as it is not a part of the phone’s original built-in RAM. Some call the extra RAM as “extended RAM”, Samsung calls it “RAM Plus”, Xiaomi mentions this as “Memory Extension”, and Vivo named it “Virtual RAM”. This is a good feature but it is not and does not perform as built-in RAM. So, brands mention it as for example 4 GB RAM + 4 GB Extended RAM. But Walton just says 8GB* without any mention of the meaning of the “*” sign which is not acceptable in any technical device in any part of the world. In some places Walton mentions “8GB* Rapid RAM”. If they want to term the extended RAM as “Rapid RAM” it has to be said as 4 GB RAM + 4 GB Rapid RAM and not “8 GB* Rapid RAM”. But even then, the word “rapid” is usually used to signify a great amount of RAM and is not a suitable term in English for the extended RAM.

Apart from the RAM issue, the phone comes with a Unisoc Tiger T616 (12 nm) chipset which is also not mentioned in the specs. Many lower-budget phones don’t mention the chipset and you can accept it to some degree. But ৳14,999 is too high of a price for a Unisoc T616 chipset and it doesn’t do any justice to its name “next-generation” phone.

Despite some serious critical facts, the phone does come with some great features. The body is made of plastic but the back part is glossy and sweat-proof. It is also fully dust and moisture proof as said by Walton. We have VoLTE, FM Radio with recording, USB Type-C and so on. The 6.6 inchees HD+ display has 90Hz refresh rate which is an advantage as well.

There is a 50 MP main back camera which is one of its main features. We have 5000 mAh battry with 18W fast charging, 128 GB ROM etc. features. Now, these are some fine specs. But the critical part of the phone is still overwhelming and we would not recommend this device to our readers.