Vivo V29 series: Is it the upgrade Vivo fans needed?

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vivo v29 Pro teaser
vivo V29 Pro teaser

Vivo V29 series reaches its full spectrum with the release of Vivo V29 Pro. Previously, Vivo V29 and Vivo V29e were also released. We are particularly talking about the Indian release here where all these three devices are available/announced. Besides that, Vivo V29 is also already available in Malaysia, some European countries and so on.

Vivo V29 Pro

This is the latest release so, let’s get to it first. It comes with a premium-looking large 6.78-inch curved display and a backside with Ring-LED flash which we saw in some previous Vivo models too. It looks more like for professionals also with its Himalayan Blue and Space Black colors. However, a Pink version should be available too later on.

The specs look balanced altogether, it’s nothing over the top, also there is not much room for complaints. There is a telephoto lens for the back camera, an 80W rapid charger, QHD+ AMOLED display and a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset, which are some of its main attractions.

Vivo V29

vivo v29 all four colors
vivo V29 all four colors

This looks very similar to the Pro model but comes in some different colors as well, such as Purple Fairy and Majestic Red. This is adding an extra style and elegance to it. The chipset here is a 6 nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G one which is a long-trusted 5G chipset for a high-mid range phone. It has good CPU, battery and gaming performance for long-term users. Here an ultrawide lens is missing but on the other hand, you’re getting a full-on IP68 waterproof body.

Vivo V29e

Vivo V29e teaser
vivo V29e in Artistic Red color

Last but not the least, Vivo V29e. This may have the lowest specs among these three phones, but the cost is also most appealing, of course, plus, in our opinion, it comes with the best design. Look at that gorgeous red color. It can be such a brilliant choice as a gift for festivals or other occasions. Not only that, but many buyers would also like to have it for themselves and show off to their friends or just have the feeling of holding it in the hand or carrying it around in special places.

But Vivo didn’t forget to put a cost for the value of this boldly exquisite design. Ok, it’s for a discounted price now and that looks more reasonable. But if you look at its overall specs, the release price was quite high in the current market competition. It has no 4K recording, sort of mid-range cameras, a regular Full HD+ AMOLED display (okay, but there is HDR10+) with no protection, plastic back and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G chipset which is not a gamer’s choice at all. It had a Nanoreviw gaming score of 26 out of 100 in October 2023. We’d say it still has a sort of fine display given the HDR10+ factor, 6.78” large size and 1300 nits high brightness with a fabulous design.