Vivo V29 series Bangladesh version launched with lower specs and design

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Vivo V29 Bangladesh teaser
Vivo V29 Bangladesh teaser

Vivo V29 and Vivo V29e were launched earlier in India and we were very excited to hear the official announcement of the Vivo V29 series in Bangladesh. Today on 23rd October, these phones have been released for the Bangladeshi consumers. But it comes with a big twist. The Indian version and the Bangladeshi versions are not the same. The consumers have a big question mark about it and we will try to explain what is needed to be explained in this article.

Vivo V29

Firstly, Vivo V29 is priced at ৳56,999 (12/256 GB) and V29e is priced at ৳36,999 (8/256 GB) in Bangladesh. Vivo V29 price in Flipkart online shop in India today is ₹36,999 which is roughly BDT 48,800. Vivo has an assembling factory in Bangladesh so, they are not facing that huge import tax. So, it’s a legit question why Vivo put an additional about BDT 9,000 to its price for the Bangladeshi consumers? It could be that their service structure in BD or parts import from China for assembling is more complicated than in India. But still, the price is way higher and there is also VAT on top of that. So, from the consumers point of view, it’s an unjust pricing and it’s easier for them to choose an unofficial Indian import. They may miss an official warranty, but there are plenty of trustworthy sellers in the unofficial market with service warranty and it’s a legal choice. So, this is a big reason why the consumer focus is shifting gradually from the official to the unofficial area since the Covid era, to a point where the unofficial market is growing bigger than the official one.

Vivo V29e

However, Vivo V29e is the bigger disappointment in this series. It’s one of those phones where we were very excited about. Its design is legit classy, unique and very elegant and we were very optimistic about Vivo elevating its class with this new release. But the design of the Bangladeshi model is far from the design of the Indian model. It is a very basic design except for the ring-LED flash. But it doesn’t make up for the plastic body, no display protection and a regular Full HD+ AMOLED display with no 1B color support and HDR10+ for a price tag of ৳36,999 which is very similar to the Indian price as well. So, there was no compromise in the pricing, only in the specs and design.

Furthermore, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset is used (in both Bangladeshi and Indian versions) which has a Nanoreview gaming score of 26 out of 100. If you compare it with a low-range chipset like MediaTek Helio G99, which is available around 17K pricing in the official market, it has a gaming score of 22 out of 100. So, why would you pay 37K (more than double) for such a low performance when the design factor is gone as well? Even if we stay in the official market, take a phone like Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G which is priced similar (just 1K more), comes with a MediaTek Dimensity 1080 chipset. It has a gaming score of 35.

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