Vivo announced gigantic X100 series in China

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Vivo X100 series teaser

Vivo picked the market with a perfect timing via its X100 and X100 Pro smartphones. These phones were announced a few days back on the November 13, 2023 and should be available from 21st November. Very recently Apple released its new A17 chipset iPhone 15 Pro series models. Then at the end of last month, Xiaomi released its 14 series with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 3 chipset. Now Vivo introduces the new MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset which puts Apple and Qualcomm behind in the AnTuTu benchmark score and in the Nanoreview chipset ranking list. At this very moment, Vivo X100 and X100 Pro are the most powerful smartphones in the world. However, they are only available in China right now with OriginOS UI. Global version with Funtouch UI is expected to be released later with a higher pricing. The price in China is following:


12/256 ¥3999 (BDT 61,500)

16/256 ¥4299 (BDT 66,000)

16/512 ¥4599 (BDT 70,700)

16/1TB ¥4999 (BDT 76,800)

16/1TB (LPDDR5T RAM) ¥5099 (BDT 78,300)

X100 Pro

12/256 ¥4999 (BDT 76,800)

16/256 ¥5299 (BDT 81,400)

16/512 ¥5499 (BDT 84,500)

16/1TB ¥5999 (BDT 92,200)

If we see the starting price, that’s quite attractive given that we are getting the latest and highest performing chipset. So, unofficial import from the Chinese market is a considerable option for Bangladeshi sellers. However, they sell at a higher price in the beginning and, of course; they have their own additional cost as well. But the price goes down as the time passes by. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Bangladeshi consumers can get these Chinese variants at a similar price. But here point to be noted that they are running on OriginOS, which Vivo has exclusively launched for the Chinese users. So, we do not know if it will work in other countries at all and maybe we have to wait for the global launch.

Vivo X100 series camera

Not just the performance, the cameras are also pretty exciting. The Pro model comes with some additional and stronger features whereas the regular X100 camera still is very satisfactory. A 100mm equivalent Periscope Zeiss APO lens is added to the pro model and cinematic mode for up to 4K recording. The base model also has a periscope telephoto lens but with a little lower specs and cinematic mode is available for up to 1080p recording.

The Pro variant has wireless charging and a bigger battery. Both phones have waterproof bodies, QHD+ LTPO AMOLED screens, in-display fingerprint and so on. The latest Android 14 version is installed but we do not know its future Android and security update policy. At least four major Android updates and 5 years of security patches would be adequate at this point.

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