Unofficial phones are back, again

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It’s been a while since we stopped showing the price of unofficial mobile phones in Bangladesh and decided to show only official mobile prices in Bangladesh. But now, we are bringing the unofficial phones back to our website. Here are some key reasons why.

Unofficial phones can be sold legally

It’s not that these are phones from the black market. There are legal ways of selling unofficial mobiles and smartphones in Bangladesh and a few trusted retail shops sell such phones for a fairly long period of time. Although they can’t provide any official warranty, they do provide service and parts replacement warranty in case of any fault. Still, we can’t treat unofficial phones like official phones with brand warranties, showrooms, dedicated customer care and service centers. This is another level of service and offers a certain prestige. Therefore, we have separate sections for official and unofficial phones.

There is a good amount of demand in the market for such phones

Many hot new releases are not officially available in Bangladesh. It can be that a fan really wants that specific phone and we could help that person with the necessary info about that device. Many also prioritize lower-budget gadgets with better features than an official warranty. We could show them the best latest offers for their convenience.

Other websites like us show the price of unofficial phones

Almost all other sites like ours show unofficial mobile prices. They take many of our potential visitors when often their phones and site is not as well organized and well-informed as ours. So, we thought we could provide better quality information for the consumers and market researchers in that regard.

Search engines find us to be less relevant if we do not cover sufficient information

If we offer only official mobile market information, search engines like Google find us to be less relevant for the mobile phone market in Bangladesh. So, they rank other websites above us that are often a copy of our website and do not provide as honest and as good quality information as us. By covering unofficial phones on our site, we are considered a stronger, more leading, influential and relevant website for search engines in the mobile phone niche. However, we never compromise honest information and transparency to gain a higher ranking in search engines. It is strictly against our core principle.


We hope the visitors and the mobile market will benefit from our choice of including the latest, popular unofficial phones in Bangladesh.

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