The brand Walton Mobile is removed from for aggressive communication and fraudulent marketing

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On April 9, 2023 decided to remove the brand Walton from its list of brands and not to show any further price update from the company. The action was taken after showing price update from the brand for over 10 years. Here are the main reasons:

Walton Mobile marketing staff considered the information on to be unauthorized

Last year a Walton mobile staff contacted us and threatened us for publishing news and price of Walton without their “authorization”. He considered that none has any right to speak about their products without “their authorization”. This is not just unprofessional, immature and incompetent, it is almost unbelievable that a person can think this way in a big and established business. He also complained about publishing false price of their products. Whereas Walton mobile changes the price of their products much often than most other brands and the disclaimer in our website clearly mentions that the price may not be updated according to the latest price of the day and we may have delays to update the price. As we do not sell any product and it is understandable that a general info site may have delays in updating any old information. There are hundreds of price website like us who don’t even give a clear disclaimer about the price, and often provide unofficial phones and false prices. But he decided to pick on us when our site is one of the most trusted in Bangladesh for honest information. Blogs and websites like are common in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world. Businesses and consumers have a general understanding about how these sites operate. But Walton was the only brand to give us a legal threat.

Walton Mobile is very demanding and pushy in their communication

The brand keeps contacting us with every little update and expects us to make changes right away when we do not work for the company and publish their information for free and do free marketing for them to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers each day. We never received any appreciation from them but critics, threats and pushy communication. They have shown no understanding that sites like us are no high-profitable business. We are simple bloggers with limited capacity. Other brands contact us only for important updates and they have been very considerate and tolerant in their communication.

Fraudulent marketing strategy with their phone Walton NEXG N6

Walton NEXG N6 8GB

On April 1, 2023, Walton Mobile released a smartphone named Walton NEXG N6 which has 4 GB RAM and 4 GB extended RAM but they marketed the phone as having “8 GB* Rapid RAM”. There is no way that a brand can describe the extended RAM to be a part of the original RAM and we have explained why in this article. However, it is not our job to teach brands to how to correctly describe their products. The main point is that the phone has only 4 GB built in RAM but they tried to take a very unfair advantage by saying “8GB* rapid RAM” without even explaining what the “*” or star mark means or what condition is applied which is not allowed at all. We have not seen this kind of very unfair and aggressive marketing strategy from any brand before.

Walton Mobile staff contacts us and lies that they have explained what Rapid memory is about and we should remove the article

A polite staff from Walton contacts us to reconsider the article about their product and to remove it from our website. However, he arrogantly lies that they have explained what rapid memory is about and it is our fault as well as paying no attention to the unacceptable mistake in their terminology and description. If they corrected their product information and requested us to remove the article we probably would have considered it. But there was no integrity from the brand in doing fair marketing. We have rechecked their website and social media posts but there was no explanation. All other visitors can confirm it. We as well have copy of the information as they published it.

After considering the above points, we have decided to remove the brand Walton from our website. However, the information from the past about this brand will remain in our website for historical purpose.