Tecno Pova 5 Pro: The future begins

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Tecno Pova 5 Pro 5G teaser
Tecno Mobile introduces futuristic design lower budget 5G smartphone

Wait a moment first of all. We are talking about a lower-budget 5G smartphone. You may think what’s the big deal about it? I thought the same. But it’s the little things that add up. You don’t see a big leap from A to B when consumers aren’t coming with you. The market has to be ready. The demand has to be there. The style has to match. Yes, Tecno Pova 5 Pro matches all of them. It merges. Merges with style and elegance.

Watch for The Cyberpunks

We have seen the Nothing phones before with the LED backside concept. Even before that, we saw backlight technology in Asus Rog phones among others. But these are all flagship types of phones, reserved only for the few at the top of the chain. What about the vast majority, when there is tremendous potential, artistic ability, passion, willingness and creativity lie with them ready to be expressed with all its glory if given the right tools? Yes, Tecno has given it to them, the Pova 5 Pro.

Wait a minute

You may wonder, are we writing a marketing article for Tecno? We don’t have any reason to do so. We don’t do partnerships with brands or shops. If Tecno slows down tomorrow and brings one of those lazy authoritative brand phones, we’ll be their first critic. Yes, we have seen it from brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and so many others brands when they reached a certain level of brand authority and prestige, they started to bring average mediocre phones for lower-budget consumers and only their flagship phones were mentionable in a competitive sense.

But what’s the real deal?

Why is the Pova 5 Pro special? Imagine a student with a low budget gets to carry a phone like this and feel that confidence boost while playing games or just moving around and this phone adds a significant touch to the person’s style. Yes, that’s all we are talking about. That’s all that is needed. A bit of beauty, a bit of joy that is affordable for the average pal out there in terms of finance.

Technical Specifications & Features

We are not gonna get too much into the technical details here. It’s not going to fit the vibe of the article. But there is 5G support to start with, a 6 nm MediaTek Dimensity 6080 to complement the overall performance. It’s a good mid-range 5G chipset and performs better than the Helio G99 that rules 4G mid-range chipset right now. Helio G99 has a Nanoreview gaming score of 25 out of 100 and the Dimensity 6080 gets a gaming score of 29. Its CPU score is 46 whereas the Helio G99 has a score of 37. So, you are getting a fair amount of advancement.

The 68W fast charger charges the phone from 0-50% in just about 15 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes. Now we are getting into the game. Then you get the LED light feature on the back for notifications, low battery, and game actions with animation. Tecno calls it 3D texture design with Arc interface. You are on a different level with this phone lying at your desk in the office or anywhere at night time. The camera, display etc. are decent mid-range standard. The video quality is slightly more impressive. Yes, we saw a few hands-on video reviews as well.

There is Android 13 and perhaps we’ll get Android 14 next year. But can’t confirm right now. With this gadget, you’ll be on top for at least two years with a minimum budget.


The phone has no splash resistance certification. It can tolerate minor splashes but don’t play around or wish for it. There is also no display protection. Then a secondary noise cancellation mic is missing. So, it’s a little down on the durable build quality on the outside and audio.


If you want a confidence boost but the pocket isn’t in favor, well, you have wished and it has been granted.

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