Tecno announces the Tecno Phantom V Flip smartphone for Bangladesh: Our first impression

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Tecno Phantom V Flip 5g teaser

The first question is if the flip smartphone market is that big in Bangladesh for Tecno to make such a big leap from lower budget or mid-range phones to a premium Flip phone such as the Tecno Phantom V Flip. There is definitely a market for this kind of device even if it is a fairly small one. We have already seen the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Z Flip4 models which could generate some sales in the country although we are not sure how much.

Whatever it is, we are glad to see a new, innovative and nice-looking phone entering the country from Techno Mobile which has presented some great mid-range and lower mid-range phones in recent times. We first had to check expert hands-on reviews before writing anything about this device since it is a more complex phone with newer kind of features and usability. The popular reviewer Tech Spurt has explained this gadget fairly well in a YouTube video which gave us a clear idea of what it is all about.

But let us first talk about the price. The device will be sold in India for INR49,999 (from the first of October 2023) which is about ৳66,300 in Bangladeshi Taka. This is a great deal if you compare it with the Samsung flip smartphones which are priced way too high. However according to GSMArena, the European price of the Phantom V Flip will be about €700 which is about ৳82,000 Bangladeshi taka. So, we have yet to figure out the official and unofficial price of this gadget in Bangladesh.

Tecno Phantom V Flip 5g full

It has a great design, simply gorgeous. It looks sweet, stylish, unique and elegant at the same time with a rounded cover display. It may seem a bit less practical than the usual square displays but you have nice animations with a fine view which we really liked. It comes with some cool shortcuts, animations etc. which we believe most users will like and it is one of the main features of flip phones like this. Of course, it’s pretty compact as well so you can pack it in smaller pockets or in a purse and its also more convenient to carry.

When you open the phone, you get a full-on 6.9-inch display which is great for playing any horizontally playable games such as free-fire, PUBG Genshin Impact, eFootball and so on.

The chipset used in this phone is a 6 nm Mediatek Dimensity 8050. If you compare it with a flagship chipset like Snapdragon 888, you’ll get similar CPU performance and the battery life isn’t that behind as well. But the gaming score is much lower. It’s not a flagship gaming phone. You can run games smoothly but if you play top graphics games with high-graphics settings for a bit, you’ll see some frame drops.

There is no waterproof certification and you might have want it in a pricey and delicate phone like this. In that regard, the Samsung Flip phone is a bit ahead. The display quality however looks really nice on this Tecno phone. If you want a good display in a flip phone, you can hardly pass it.

Tecno Phantom V Flip 5g compact

You’ll get a 45W charger that can charge the 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 50% in just about 15 minutes (advertised by Tecno). If you use the cover display, you’ll drain much less battery and also you probably can’t fit a 5000 mAh battery in a phone of this size right now which explains the lower mAh. But mind that the Samsung V Flip5 is giving you a 3700 mAh battery so, it’s not that uncommon.

The Camera samples looked distinguished. The color processing, and the details all fit very well with the style of the phone. We liked the camera a lot, both the front and the back cameras. Also, the video quality in both cameras looked great. When it comes to software, you’ll get some pre-installed apps but the interface looks clean and smooth. There is only one storage option at this moment, UFS 3.1 256 GB and there is no memory card slot or a 3.5mm Jack.