Symphony Z60 Plus vs. itel S23

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Symphony Z60 Plus vs itel S23

This comparison was written after analyzing their features as well as evaluating hands-on video review/s by trustworthy reviewer/s.

Today we are comparing two low-budget superstars in Bangladesh Symphony Z60 Plus and itel S23. Both these phones are the favorite choices of consumers if their budget is a little above 10K and they are looking for an exceptional all-rounder smartphone. So, let us first have a look at their specs differences.

Symphony Z60 Plusitel S23
Price: ৳11,990 (6/128 GB)Price: ৳11,490 (8/128 GB)
Punch-hole front, shiny plastic backWaterdrop notch front, color-changing back (Mystery White color only)
6.6 inches HD+ IPS display6.6 inches HD+ IPS display
90Hz refresh rate90Hz refresh rate
50 MP main back camera50 MP main back camera
8 MP front camera8 MP front camera
5000 mAh battery, 18W charger5000 mAh battery, 10W charger
Android 12Android 12
Unisoc T616 chipset, 6 GB RAMUnisoc T606 chipset, 8 GB RAM
128 GB uMCP5 storage128 GB UFS 2.1 storage
Side-mounted fingerprintSide-mounted fingerprint

Symphony Z60 Plus Pros

Symphony Z60 Plus

It sure has a better and more universal design with the center punch-hole front and a minimal glossy back. But design is a personal choice and some users may like the design of the itel S23 better with its color-changing (white/pink) back. Both are plastic made without any protection. Symphony is offering a faster 18W charger. It also comes with a faster Unisoc T616 chipset with well-optimized software. Even though the RAM amount is lower, they have a faster ROM as well. So, in terms of performance, the Z60 Plus of Symphony also wins. It is also priced ৳500 lower which is not that much of a big deal.

itel S23 Pros

itel S23 teaser

Design plays a key role for many consumers, especially in Bangladesh and some users may find the unique color-changing back panel to be very attractive. This kind of design technology is rare in smartphones and almost never exists in low-budget phones. So, it’s a big plus point for itel here.

itel is also offering better front and back cameras. Although it looks almost the same in the specs sheet, we have seen visible differences in the results of both phone cameras. itel S23 photos look more natural and clear. It’s slightly color-boosted but still doesn’t look artificial. itel also gives a slightly higher 8 GB RAM compared to Symphony’s 6 GB RAM.

Altogether, Symphony S60 Plus takes the trophy for us. But itel S23 is also an excellent and well-recommended smartphone with some powerful and unique features.

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