Realme GT5 240W charger model: How monstrous is it?

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Realme GT5 240W colors teaser

The initial release of the Realme GT5 240W model was about two months ago on 4th September 2023. It has a regular model with a 150W charger and a bigger 5240 mAh battery as well. This 240W charger model has a smaller 4600 mAh battery, but the RAM and ROM sizes are also maximum, so the 240W model caught more attention in some of the regions including Bangladesh. So, we decided to include this particular model in our site.

The company advertised that the phone takes only 80 seconds for the first 20% charge. But it didn’t mention the full charging time. We saw two popular hands-on video reviews with a charging test and both had just a few seconds above 13 minutes to fully charge it. Not only that, it was not warming up as some users have shown concern because of this blazing fast power technology. Realme did great and very advanced power efficiency, balance and cooling systems to afford this kind of tech, and they gained a strong recognition for it.

Realme GT5 240W RAM ROM

But they didn’t stop there. The device offers 24 GB RAM. We see plenty of 12 GB and even 16 GB RAM phones. But you’ll barely ever come across a smartphone with 24 GB actual built-in RAM (no virtual RAM tweaks here). Together with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, can you imagine the level of performance? Yes, the newer Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is out, but according to Nanoreview (as of November 6, 2023) both these chipsets have a gaming score of 100 out of 100. The new Gen 3 has a 99 CPU score and the Gen 2 has a CPU score of 94, so it’s just a little behind on the CPU side.

Realme GT5 240W screen

It packs Android 13 version and Realme announced 3 further major OS upgrades (expected Android 16) and 4 years of security patches if the phone meets the requirements in the future to upgrade to that level. So, if you consider all these aspects, the Realme GT5 240W model is a pure performance beast. Yes, we also criticize the smaller 4600 mAh battery and a 5000 mAh battery would definitely be more convenient here. But because of the smaller size, it charges faster and most of us charge phones when it drops under 20% or 15%. So, put it in charge when it’s low and it won’t even take ten minutes to get the full charge back. So, we can’t really complain that much here.

Apart from the performance side, it comes with a very futuristic design with a glass back, aluminum frame and a so-called Pulse Light feature on the back. It’s a color changing light for diverse kinds of notifications and is also customizable. It looks premium and with the transparent back behind it and in the whole primary camera section, the gadget highly stands out. The screen size is 6.7-inch large and we got a HDR10+ QHD+ resolution with 144Hz maximum refresh rate.

Realme GT5 240W backside

The camera section sounds down with triple 50+8+2 MP rear and 16 MP selfie shooter. We have seen photo samples. The back camera quality still looks pretty impressive, whereas the selfie shooter is more on the average side. We have 4K recording with the rear camera as well as stabilization. It’s justified for the price, but the front camera could be a little better. Then we observed the audio quality which seemed loud and clear with stereo sound. There is also an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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