Realme C51 announced for Bangladesh: What to expect?

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Realme C51 colors

Realme is moving forward with its lower-budget C series smartphones for Bangladeshi consumers and we are set to receive the new Realme C51. The expected release is tomorrow 3rd September. This phone was already released last month in some other countries and we had the opportunity to check its specifications and some of the reviews from hands-on reviewers.

You can expect a decent minimalist design, somewhat unique with two different types of textures or finishes on the back. The overall, specifications look pretty balanced in terms of performance, display, battery, back camera and software. 33W fast charging option is one of its most powerful features. It offers the latest Android 13 with the lightweight Realme UI T so, the day-to-day usage should be smooth.

The biggest drawback or disadvantage of the phone is its 5 MP front camera. The video recording option is a maximum of 720p with this camera as well (there is no Full HD recording feature). If a selfie camera is a big priority for you, there is no point in checking out this phone further.

The pricing is the big question or the concern. It should be around 15K in our observation, but let’s wait for a day to figure it out.

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