Realme C30s released with low specs

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Realme C30s teaser

We have a new phone from Realme Bangladesh just before the Eid festival approaches and this time it is the Realme C30s. The device is priced at ৳12,999 for its 3/64 GB version.

We have a big question mark with the release of this phone from a brand like Realme where the expectations of the users are quite high. Especially, around this time of the year, people are looking for something catchy, something priceworthy, something bold. We have a device like Realme C30s. Of course, it is targeted for lower-budget consumers so the expectations shouldn’t be that high. But still, we aimed to see a competitive or at least fair device.

The design looks pretty ordinary. At least it looks decent. No cheap fancy work and we sort of appreciate it. There is no USB Type-C but it is a minor thing. It’s 8.5 mm thin and overall looks just fine on the surface.

There is a 6.5 inches HD+ IPS display. It is normal, there is no added feature. The body is made of plastic and there is no display protection, still fair for the price.

Now the camera is a single 8 MP one at the back and a 5 MP one at the front. These are very basic quality cameras which you will easily get under 10K price. There is also no Full HD recording for the front camera. The 5000 mAh battery has a 10W satisfactory charging option.

Where it gets really bad is in the chipset section. There is a 28 nm Unisoc SC9863A chipset with 3 GB RAM. This is in no way acceptable for the price. You will easily find a much more powerful Unisoc T606 with 4 GB RAM at a lower price than this in many phones from other brands. This phone remains way behind in terms of performance even under 10K budget. With a price tag of ৳12,999, this phone is not recommendable at all.