OnePlus released OnePlus Open foldable which is the same as Oppo Find N3

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OnePlus Open teaser

Some of you may know that the founder of the OnePlus mobile brand had some ties with Oppo and still does. The brand OnePlus has released a foldable smartphone called the OnePlus Open, which is actually the absolute same smartphone as the Oppo Find N3. If you put their design and specifications side by side, you will find no difference at all except for the branding, colors and a very few minor changes.

We do get just a bit of difference in the pricing. Oppo Find N3 was introduced in Singapore with an event there with a price tag of SGD 2,399 (roughly 193,000 Bangladeshi Taka, 1650 Euro, 145,500 Indian Rupee, 1750 USD as of today).

OnePlus Open design

The OnePlus Open, on the other hand, is already available for order in a few different countries of Europe, In India and also in the US with a pricing of 1,799 Euro, 1,699.99 USD, 139,999 Indian Rupee. The Indian Variant is roughly 185,700 Bangladeshi Taka, so the price is a little lower compared to the Oppo Find N3. But it costs higher in the US and in Europe.

Like the Oppo Find N3, the OnePlus Open comes with a very impressive Hasselblad-branded back camera with Sony 48MP LYTIA-T808 “pixel stacked” sensor, a flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, high resolution AMOLED displays and Android 13. It is also expected to receive an upgrade until Android 17 and five years of security patches.