OnePlus 10T: Should you go for it as a 2023 flagship?

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OnePlus 10T 5G teaser

OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone can be purchased officially in the Bangladeshi market from some retail stores. The gadget is priced at ৳84,990 for its 16/256 GB model.

The phone was first released about one year ago in August 2022 in the international market. The question is that if this device is still considerable in mid-2023 as a flagship device. We have the OnePlus 11 5G for ৳99,990 (16/256 GB) which is a better smartphone but at about 15K higher price. Flagship phones are generally very pricey at the moment. So, this 10T model from OnePlus is one of the lower-priced flagship compared to phones from Samsung, Apple and co. So, let’s have a look at its core features.

The design looks great. Both the front and backsides are protected by 5th gen. Gorilla Glasses. It’s just 8.8 mm thin and weighs 204 grams. It is IP54 certified water resistant. But its inferior to the IP67 or IP68 waterproof. IP54 means its generally resistant to water but if you drop it inside a water glass for example, that would not be a good idea.

On the bright side, there is a HDR10+ 6.7 inches Fluid AMOLED display which offers incredible viewing experience. There is 120Hz refresh rate and the resolution is Full HD+.

Both front and back cameras are decent but nothing extra ordinary. They are rather pretty average for a flagship phone. If great cameras are your top priority, this is not the phone you should choose. There is 4K recording for the back camera and Full HD recording for the front one.

The 4800 mAh battery can be charged with a 150W charger. Yes, you have read it right. 150W charger. Till now, we were being excited with 65W chargers or even 100W or 120W. Now, OnePlus took a blazing step forward to make it 150W. Although for 110V sockets, 125W charging is supported. It is accompanied by a 4 nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 flagship chipset with 16 GB RAM and Android 12 (upgradable up to Android 14 or 15 in the future). This is what you call a proper flagship powerhouse. There is also 5G connectivity. So, if you are looking for maximum performance at a somewhat lower price compared to other top brands, this is the device you are looking for.

Then we have other features such as stereo speakers, 24-bit/192kHz audio, in-display fingerprint sensor, 256 GB UFS 3.1 internal storage, Dual SIM option and so on. There is no 3.5mm Jack or MicroSD slot which are some of its drawbacks.

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