Nothing phones: Can it be the leading brand of futuristic flagship phones in Bangladesh?

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Nothing phone brand

Nothing Phone (1) from the Nothing Phone company was perhaps the most-hyped phone in Bangladesh last year. This year, Nothing Phone (2) is already released and is available in some markets but not yet officially available in Bangladesh. However, the question we are asking here is, does the brand have the potential to become the leading brand for manufacturing futuristic smartphones?

You may ask, what do we mean by futuristic smartphone or what kind of expectations do we have from it? We imagine futuristic smartphones to be more stylish, and more elegant but simpler and easier at the same time with many more features and upgrades with better security, and more environmentally and user friendly as well. Now, these are some main aspects we can think of at this point. of course, there are more, but let’s stick to them for now.

Nothing Phone 1 design
Nothing Phone (1) design

Yes, Nothing Phones look and feel futuristic. There is an element of simplicity and trust. It’s environmentally friendly, it seems balanced in most of its aspects. The UI has a stock feeling to it, security is among the highest priority as per the statement of the company. These are some qualities that are needed to be a leading futuristic smartphone brand in any country we’d say.

However, there are some challenges and some drawbacks. Firstly, if you leave the LED back panel design and functionality aside, it is still pretty much a regular smartphone. It’s not coming with something super innovative, or out-of-the-box features except the idea of the back panel. We have seen this kind of design or even better designs already in other phones such as Asus Rog phones or ZTE gaming phones from the past. Even the recent Infinix GT 10 Pro has a very similar design as well. So, it’s not that uncommon either.

Nothing Phone 2
Nothing Phone 2

Ok, they take security and simplicity seriously, but if you look at the Google Pixel phones, it has similar kind of feelings, even better we would say. The main difference is that Google is a big corporation and therefore some people are still hesitant to hand over too much information or their private data to them. Nothing company on the other hand is a small private venture (well, at least right now). But they did sort of combine some important aspects together which in our opinion is their main selling point so far. Yes, by that we mean the combination of the artistic feeling, the passion behind the product, the elegance and simplicity, security, uniqueness and so on. Plus it’s a London-based British company. European companies tend to have more trust among the users than Chinese, Indian or even US companies because of tough European rules and regulations when it comes to manufacturing tech products or their security level.

In the end, we can say, it’s not yet time to say that Nothing phones will lead to futuristic smartphones. Of course, they have that kind of vision and also a lot of expertise which is a strong positive side. But to be a global leader like Apple, Google or Samsung, more charisma will be needed as well.

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