MobileDokan top 10 phones of Bangladesh in 2020

mobiledokan top smartphones 2020

2020 was a year of ups and downs and many twists for the mobile phone industry. We have seen many innovations, but then the sales started to go down rapidly for a while because of the lockdowns and sanitary crisis. The industry quickly recovered from it and online sales started to skyrocket. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have experienced tremendous amounts of App downloads and time spent on smartphones grew a lot overall so, the products and services in the ecosystem grew as well. However, in the final quarter of the year, we didn’t see much innovation and excitement for new products except for the new iPhone series. We hope that companies will expand their creativity and ideas in 2021. But for now, we are glad to present you with our top 10 smartphones in Bangladesh in the year 2020.

10. Vivo V19 – Our top pick in the high-mid range segment

Vivo V19 Bangladesh

First of all, we don’t get to see too much release in this price range and 2020 wasn’t much different. We usually consider phones between ৳30,000-৳40,000 price range to be high-mid range phones. There are some fine releases in this segment such as Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite, Samsung Galaxy A71, Oppo Reno3 Pro etc. so, why did we choose Vivo V19?

First of all, the design is stunning, finely crafted. It gives the impression of a flagship-level device on the outside. We also have a dual punch-hole front camera which includes an 8 MP ultrawide lens which is quite rare around this price. Other than that, the device looks quite balanced altogether when it comes to specifications, excellent cameras, great performance. It can be a long-term device that fulfills all the needs of a modern smartphone user. A great value for money device.

9. Realme C3 – Best balanced low-budget smartphone

Realme C3 red

It is not easy to choose a phone under ৳10,000 which we consider being low-budget phones. Because it is hard to recommend when we see them functioning in real life. You may find attractive-looking low-priced phones now and then, but they will by no means be stable in the long-run. The problem is mostly Chipset and without a decent chipset, the phone will not last too long no matter the other parts. The lowest-priced phone we could find to recommend is Realme C3 at the cost of ৳10,990. We are getting a MediaTek Helio G70 chipset which is the minimum for dedicated gamers. Helio A22, A25, G35 etc. are all too low for mobile-gaming in 2020/2021 and graphics-intensive tasks. We have a big 5000 mAh battery, 32 GB ROM, 3 GB RAM and Android 10 which is great to get started. We even have a Gorilla Glass 3 protection in the front. The camera is somewhat average and we wish it could be a little better, but unfortunately, you will hardly find anything better for the cost.

8. OnePlus Nord – Our top pick for tech-nerds

OnePlus Nord

This is the ultimate 2020 pick for mobile geeks. You are getting an OnePlus phone with its legendary OxygenOS UI, Android 10 (expected update up to Android 12) as well as 5G connectivity for ৳49,990 which should be enough to get convinced. This is the lowest priced official 5G phone in Bangladesh till now as well. The next one is the OnePlus 8 Pro for ৳94,990. Other than that, we have a few other choices over ৳100,000 (no, thank you). We have an amazing Full HD+ fluid AMOLED display with butter-smooth 90Hz refresh rate, fine front and back cameras and a boss-level Snapdragon 765G chipset. There is Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back. What else do you need?

7. Apple iPhone 12 Pro – Filming is never going to be the same

Apple iphone 12 Pro

Now, we can’t say much about the new iPhone 12 Pro. There are tons of stuff that will make things complicated and most readers will probably not understand about 80% of the technical details. Even, I as a tech-savvy get confused sometimes with Apple’s small details about their phones that they boast with a great enthusiasm with a lot of philosophy. What I can tell you is that with the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, mobile cameras are never going to be the same again. We are entering a new era of filming, video making and a whole new dimension of creativity and possibilities. This is going to enable you to shoot great films, and I mean professional Hollywood-level films at your home with a tiny device if you know how to use it. If film-making or video creation is your thing, say goodbye to heavy, pricey, many complicated types of equipment. You just need this single new iPhone.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – The Ultimate Android 5G Flagship of 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Black

If you are an Android fan and you want the best of it in 2020, Galaxy S20 Ultra is the phone. You may say what about the Galaxy Z Fold2 or the Google Pixel 5. The Z Fold2 is still too sophisticated for the market and the pricing is just too huge. The Pixel 5 on the other hand is amazing but you can’t put it in the full-flagship level. It is missing on battery, a bit on performance, design and a few other things. You want the full flagship Android experience with the most advanced features possible, go for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

5. Samsung Galaxy A51 – The best balanced mid-range phone

Samsung Galaxy A51

You may find a few better phones than Galaxy A51 at a lower price when it comes to features and specifications, but there is something different about the A51. It is one of the top most-selling smartphones worldwide in 2020 and it didn’t happen by chance. It has the 2020 modern minimal Samsung design which is simple but sort of stands out in the crowd. We have a stunning Super AMOLED display. The back camera has a telephoto lens and both front and back cameras capture great shots. The battery is the point where users may feel a little disappointed with that 15W charger. The 10nm Exynos 9611 chipset from Samsung works well with Android 10 and One UI 2. It will do fine in the long-run. Overall, it is kind of a device that professionals and people with an artistic sense may love and it is a good value for money.

4. Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC – Top mid-range killer

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC black

If you are like, forget about cheesy talk of art, formality and professionalism, I want something hardcore then this is it. Poco X3 NFC from Xiaomi, the ultimate mid-range killer this year. If Galaxy A51 was that new Mercedes-Benz Class A, here we are talking about the new Ford Mustang of mid-range when it comes to Poco X3. If you are an intensive day-to-day smartphone user who wants to browse, chat, play and watch a lot on a mid-range budget and still wants the phone to provide smooth service for a long period of time, this is the device to go for. Great engineering and pure passion from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Poco here. No compromise whatsoever in the specs. Oh, and you will love the LiquidCool 1.0 Plus if you love gaming. Nothing to complain about the camera as well. Excellent battery, fine build and in fact with an IP53 certified splash-resistant body.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 – Our low-mid range pick of the year

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 white

Redmi Note 8 rocked the first half of the year and then the Redmi Note 9 came. Note 8 was amazing and we could have picked that, but in this industry, it is essential to keep going and remain up to date. Redmi Note 8 came with Android 9 Pie, however, there is a planned upgrade to Android 10, but Note 9 comes with Android 10 out of the box and you should get Android 11 and as well hope for Android 12. But we got to be honest and tell you that, Redmi Note 9 isn’t an ideal low-mid range smartphone. But there hasn’t been a complete low-mid range phone this year. We were thinking about Realme 7i, but we have used both Realme and Xiaomi and Xiaomi phones are generally made with better engineering. So, despite having a few pros over the Redmi Note 9, we couldn’t select Realme 7i. Samsung Galaxy M21 could have been a fine choice as well, but the design looks so cheap that we couldn’t prefer it despite having some impressive features. We would recommend waiting for Poco M3 which costs less and overall is more balanced.

2. Xiaomi Redmi 9 – Best lower-priced all-in-one everyday smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 9

If you are disturbed with all that hype about smartphones and if it is not your life but you don’t wanna miss out at the same time, Xiaomi Redmi 9 is a perfect choice. You have everything and more just for ৳14,999 in this device. There is a Full HD+ display for a great video watching experience and almost all phones at this price come with a maximum HD+ screen. You have a fine MediaTek Helio G80 chipset with 4 GB RAM so, you won’t need to worry about lag while multitasking or overall gaming. Camera quality is more than just fine. We did a full hands-on review of Redmi 9 where you will find some real-time samples. This is the phone I am personally using for a couple of months and at this very moment. It fulfills all my everyday smartphone needs and I have had no issues at all. The only issue I faced is that the portable hotspot sometimes gets disconnected so I have to turn it on and off to get it functional again. But it can be a technical manufacturing issue only on my device. However, other than that, I am very happy to get this phone at this price.

1. Realme 5i – People’s choice 2020

Realme 5i

This is another phone that I also used personally for a while and provided a hands-on review as well. The device bears much significance for a few reasons. First of all, Realme officially entered the Bangladeshi market with this 5i and C2 model. Realme C2 was a low-priced low specs device which was more of a test-release for Realme to see consumer response. Realme 5i was the main focus and it shook the market. After a while, the device was fully sold all around the country and it was hard to get it. New batches were produced and again gone very soon. It is happening to this day although the device was released back on March 14 in Bangladesh. The phone remained the most viewed device on our website for a few months and still today, it is one top the top 5 most viewed phones. The main specialty of this device is that it comes with an extraordinary performance considering the price tag of ৳12,990. All other features are very competitive as well. It is an all-in-one device and much more for a large number of people who thought they can never afford that much till Realme made it possible.