Is Nothing Phone (1) still a good flagship killer in 2023?

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Nothing Phone 1 design

Nothing Phone (1) was released last year, over a year ago already. You may ask, why are we raising this question right now when after over one year almost all smartphones become irrelevant? Well, it is mainly because the Phone (1) is officially available in Bangladesh for ৳66,990 (12/256 GB) whereas Phone (2) is going to cost around ৳80,000 or above.

A lot of users expected the first generation Nothing Phone to be cheaper in Bangladesh than its official price. Yes, if you see its international price and also its specs, we could say it’s fair to have such an expectation. But now, the second-generation phone costs even much higher. Of course, it is now coming with better specs as well such as a better camera and also a flagship-level chipset which were missing in the first phone. After seeing the price a lot of users lost interest because they were looking for a flagship killer price and not a real flagship price.

Nothing Phone 1 teaser

Now, the question is should you go back then? The Phone (1) is upgradable to Android 13 and you will get it at a lower price from unofficial sources. We think, it’s still relevant, but we won’t recommend picking it right now. If the Phone (2) is too costly for you, look for unofficial phones or wait a couple of months till the price goes down hopefully. You can even check out other phones that are comparable to it such as Asus Rog or ZTE gaming phones with similar back panel designs or the Infinix GT 10 Pro or even the Google Pixel phones to have that secure, smooth stock feeling as well as for some of the best smartphone cameras out there.

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