Infinix Note 30 Bangladesh review: Greatest low-budget killer of all time?

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Infinix Note 30 review

This review was written after analyzing its features as well as evaluating hands-on video review/s by trustworthy reviewer/s.

Today we have the good opportunity to review a very special smartphone from the brand Infinix named Infinix Note 30. We are reviewing the 8/128 GB model which is priced at ৳18,999 in the Bangladeshi market which is about 160 Euro or 174 USD as of 21 August, 2023.

Why is this phone so special and why have we called it perhaps the greatest low-budget killer of all time? We are reviewing phones for over 10 years. We have seen up and downs, a lot of players that have come and gone. Some phones we see now and then, which leave a strong impression that lasts. These releases bring a brand forward and give it a special place in the consumer’s heart. Infinix Note 30 is such a phone and we will go through its features to let you know why.

Design and build

The design looks elegant and stands out in the crowd a little differently. Lately, we are seeing a lot of iPhone-like back camera setups in lower-budget phones to make them look premium. So much so that it has become very common and we started to look for new kinds of premium design at a lower cost. This is one of those phones. On the front, we have a center punch hole and a big display. Then a boxy shape side with 8.6 mm slimness and an elegant backside with glass. Some models of this phone also come with a leather back. But we are reviewing the model with a glass back. Even though it’s glass it looks like a matt finish. Looks pretty nice and stylish and definitely leaves a fine impression.

There is no Gorilla Glass protection on the front which is perhaps its only disadvantage. It’s a little on the heavier side with 219 grams but the weight distribution is good and the grip is comfortable. There is IP53-certified dust and splash resistance which is an extra advantage in a phone in this price group. To summarize this area, great design, a fine build, and only a Gorilla Glass screen protection is missing.

Infinix Note 30 features 1


We are dealing with a 6.78 inches huge Full HD+ IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Most phones will offer a maximum of up to 90Hz refresh rate and here we have an upgrade of up to 120Hz refresh rate. It makes the display faster, more smooth. It has a peak brightness of 580 nits. You could expect a higher brightness but it is still pretty good under daylight. The color of the display is great. You should be very pleased with its quality minding its cost.


There is a 64 MP main back camera with a 2 MP depth sensor and an AI lens. Only the 64 MP main lens is mentionable here. An ultrawide lens is missing which you can say is a drawback but most users don’t need one and ultrawide lenses are usually 5 or 8 MP which captures low-quality shots so, it’s not that of a big deal. The main camera can capture very nice shots and the samples that we saw were very pleasing to us. The details look great, the dynamic range is good, and the same goes for the focus and color tone. There is full HD video recording without any stabilization and there will be light shakes if you are recording video while on the move but the shake isn’t too much. The video quality is also nice. There is slow-mo. shooting option. There is also a fine portrait mode for photo shooting.

The front or the selfie camera is 16 MP with f/2.0 aperture. The colors look natural, there are good details. We don’t have any annoying over-soft tones. You may see a slight color boost on the background but it looks natural and a bit premium.

Infinix Note 30 features 2


Yes, the 6 nm MediaTek Helio G99 mid-range chipset is used here. At this price, people are happy to get a Helio G88 chipset which many of the popular phones around this price are offering. If you compare these two chipsets, Helio G88 has a nano review gaming score of 18 and the G99 has a score of 26. G99 gets a CPU score of 36 and the G88 gets a CPU score of 24 only. The battery score of G99 is 84 and G88 gets a score of 63. You see that the G99 is a way superior chipset and this is one of the main reasons why this phone is such a most-wanted device. You gotta give it to Infinix. They have earned it. You may wonder how did they manage to do it? Well, there are many pre-installed apps on the phone. It can be that some of those worked as a sponsor or Infinix just wanted to boost its brand identity and popularity so they made a very bold step with the Note 30 or it can be a combination of both. Yes, the many pre-installed apps are a disadvantage of this device but it’s more of a side issue. There is 8 GB RAM and a fast UFS 2.2 128 GB ROM. There is XOS 13 UI on top of Android 13, so, it’s also up to date in terms of software. This is an exciting performance spec. The gaming will be smooth, and amazing. There is slight heating on the back when you play games for a long time but the cooling system is pretty good. If you just leave it for a bit, it will cool down very fast.

The 5000 mAh battery comes with an impressive 45W charger which will charge the phone from 0 to 100% in just about one hour and 28 minutes. Here we need to mention that we have a huge 6.78 inches Full HD+ display and the charging time of this kind of display is very high. So, the 45W charger is of great help. 45W charger is a great value for money in this phone and brings the performance specs to a whole different level. We have not seen another smartphone at all in over 10 years that can compete with the cost and performance specs of the Infinix Note 30 and this is the simple truth.

Sound, Connectivity and Others

There is no noise cancellation mic in this gadget which you can see as one of its negative sides. But it’s more of an exclusive feature and only a few phones will offer it under 20K price. On the bright side, there are dual speakers, high-res audio tuned by JBL for clear audio without any distortion. 

We have all the necessary connectivity features such as USB Type-C, FM Radio, market-dependent NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, dual-band WLAN, WiFi direct and dual Nano-SIM. There is a dedicated MicroSD slot, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and so on among other features. With this we include the review of a fine Infinix Note 30 smartphone.