Google Pixel Fold: why you should or shouldn’t buy it

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Google Pixel Fold design

The Pixel Fold from Google came out a while ago. The first release date was June 27. So, about two and half months ago. But it didn’t get as much attention as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. Not in the South Asian region at least. One reason could be that Samsung is “the name” for the Foldable phone industry here and this is a new invention of Google and it takes some time to market. It’s also very pricey so, not a lot of people are interested in it in the first place. But there is a market for foldable smartphones so, let us tell you from what we have seen and evaluated so far if you should buy it or not.

Compared to the Z Fold5, the Pixel Fold looks a bit more robust. The Samsung fold is thinner and looks more light. We want a phone like this to look and feel a bit more stable. Since you have to constantly open and close it. But let’s get back to the Pixel Fold itself for now. Apart from checking out its specs, and comparing it with others, we have seen a valuable review from MKBHD, the popular YouTuber and gadget expert to mainly form our conclusion about the device. We’ll give just a bit of a summary of it here.

Firstly, it looks nice. It looks gorgeous. It’s practical and elegant. You get the stock Android and further updates. Google further improved its software design with a nice interface. Then you have a fine chipset, good cameras and a fine-quality display. Although, the cameras are not of the highest quality. You may see noise and grains etc. and when compared to the regular Pixel phone cameras, it’s a bit of a downgrade. The experience is nice and comfortable when you use it while folded. But there are a few significant drawbacks also.

Google Pixel Fold colors
Google Pixel Fold Colors

The battery life isn’t that great. Pixel phones have a history of aging fast so, the battery performance may go down even further after a year or so. The same can be said for the performance but of course, we can’t determine it right now. We are talking about the phones from the Pixel series in the past. The display is not fully straight when open. You’ll see a bit of a curve which can be annoying when you pay such a price.

So, generally, we think it’s a decent foldable phone and yes, if you need one, you could get it. When compared to the Samsung foldable, you are getting the stock Android experience here and the more robust build. But we still think the price is very high and there is room for improvements in basic stuff. Like MKBHD, we’d also say that we are looking forward to the improved next-gen. foldable.

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