Google Pixel 8 series announced: Here is what’s new

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Google Pixel 8 series
Google Pixel 8 teaser

Google Pixel 8 series is announced today with two phone as usual that are Google Pixel 8 Pro and Google Pixel 8. Android 14 was also announced with them and these phones will be the first devices to run on Andorid 14 out of the box. They will be available from 12th October on Google store in different countries. The prices also vary depending on the country. If you check the links above, you’’ll know about the pricing.

Android 14 teaser

So, if you ask us, what is the major update here compared to last year’s Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Well, the big, actually the huge update is that these phones will have 7 major Android and security updates. So, You’ll get an update till Android 21 and till the year 2030. Now, finally, that’s what you call a smart phone.

This is an obsessive update for tech nerds and geeks. Well, it may depend. But think about a car. You buy one and if you are really consumption conscious, you’ll drive it for 10 years, 20 years or more. It also depends on the person, right? But at least you have that option. With phones, you have to throw it away after two or three years. That’s not very favorable for anyone, not for us, not for the ecosystem. Even a computer, you can use it easily for 5-7 years or more. Now we got that possibility with the new Pixel 8 series. 7 full years, no worry about latest software and security update, it’s a very serious catch.

Then we’ll get free VPN for Google One users, that’s pretty outstanding too. Ultra Wideband support is there. There is a thermometer sensor to check skin temperature, but that’s available only in the Pro mode.

Google Pixel 8 Pro camera
Google Pixel 8 Pro camera

The same goes for the Telephoto camera, QHD+ display, polished aluminum and matte finish back. These are all for the Pro model and a larger 6.7 inch screen, a bigger 5050 mAh battery, faster charging, higher 12 GB RAM and so on. If you want the maximum, you have to get the Pro model.

Google Tensor G3 chipset

Both of these devices come with Google’s latest Tensor G3 chipset with Nona-core or Nine-core CPU. We have been seeing Octa-core for a while now, that’s something pretty new as well.