Apple iPhone 15 series officially arrived in Bangladesh

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Apple iPhone 15 series Bangladesh teaser

There is no brand showroom of Apple in Bangladesh as of 2023, but they have a few authorized dealers in the country who import Apple products directly from the brand with an official warranty. One of the most known authorized dealer of Apple products in Bangladesh, Executive Machines Limited has introduced Apple iPhone 15 series smartphones tomorrow on 26th October 2023, which is just about a month after its initial release.

This is good news because in previous years we often saw more delays in the official arrival of iPhones in Bangladesh. But let us have a look at their pricing:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

BDT ৳239,000 256 GB, ৳279,999 512 GB, ৳319,999 1 TB

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

BDT ৳199,000 128 GB, ৳219,000 256 GB, ৳259,999 512 GB, ৳299,999 1 TB

Apple iPhone 15 Plus

BDT ৳179,000 128 GB, ৳199,000 256 GB, ৳239,999 512 GB

Apple iPhone 15

৳159,000 128 GB, ৳179,000 256 GB, ৳219,999 512 GB

Why is the price so high compared to international pricing?

If you know about the international pricing in the US, Singapore, Europe or elsewhere, you’ll notice that the official price in Bangladesh is way higher than elsewhere in the world. You may wonder why is it the case? This is because there is a very high import tax for mobile phones in Bangladesh, which leaves international brands with no assembling factory in Bangladesh with no choice but to push the price to that kind of level. This is an initiative for encouraging brands to have local production. But the infrastructure of the industry in Bangladesh or the consumer demand doesn’t allow brands like Apple to start local production or even open brands showrooms yet.

Official vs. Unofficial

There are many retail shops who sell Apple iPhones with their own service warranty without any official brand warranty. These are popularly known as unofficial phones and the price is much closer to the international pricing. This is possible because they have their own private importing channel where they can import these devices legally with the international pricing and then charge only their profit with it. You can save a lot of money if you choose an unofficial product, especially when it comes to a case like the iPhone. The only thing you’ll miss is an official brand warranty. It really comes down to your own personal values, preferences and budget, which variant is more suitable for you.