Apple iPhone 15 series announced: Here are our honest impressions

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Apple iPhone 15 series

The yearly Apple event took place just a few hours ago and we got all the information about the new iPhone 15 series. There are four smartphones coming in the market from this series namely Apple iPhone 15Apple iPhone 15 PlusApple iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. These phones will first be released in the US market on 22nd September. The pricing of the phones starts from $799, $899, $999, and $1199 respectively.

Now, we are going to keep it simple. For detailed technical explanations and so on, you can check out tons of other websites from superior tech nerds to die-hard Apple fans. We are none of them. But we do have a good understanding of what’s new, attractive and interesting here.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro features

The very first thing that caught our attention is the Titanium frame of the Pro and Pro Max models. This brings the phones to a whole new premium. Titanium is another level of metal. Till now it used to be aluminum or stainless steel. Yes, we are not dealing with gold or platinum here. But titanium feels like just the right material. It is from 75% recyclable material. Their battery, copper and many other parts of the phones are 100% recyclable. Something that we liked very much also. There is Corning-made glasses on the front and on the back and the body is waterproof. They are fully solid in terms of build quality.

The camera got our attention since the iPhone 12 series. Now in this series, it has reached a level where we find an intuitive harmony in it, a sense of settlement and not a sense of pride, prestige or show-off, where we can say that’s sufficient now. It’s not that hyped excitement. It’s something that we find admirable, practical, professional and a true engineering masterpiece. Yes, for the first time we as Android user all along feel like we could maybe have an iPhone. We have been seeing iPhones since the iPhone 3G which was released back in 2008. But it is now that, we feel a sense of completeness beyond its hype.

It’s not just the camera or the premium build. Also the performance grabbed our attention quite much. They are challenging top-notch desktop PCs with their new A17 Pro chipset and yes, it is the fastest in a smartphone right now. But now, it can run the kind of games that were being designed only for desktop computers. The graphics level was stunning. It’s like when you have a strong performance gaming PC, you can relax into it for many many years. Maybe good 7-8 years if you are a good and careful user. With an iPhone like the 15 Pro or the Pro max, we feel that feeling that we could carry it for so many years. Yes, we were never a fan of changing phones every year. We would carry a decent low-mid-range Android for 3 or more years easily and will never feel any urge to change it.

iPhone 15 Pro Max colors
iPhone 15 Pro Max colors

The Pro Max is the better model because of its bigger display as well as the periscope telephoto lens with higher zoom. You’ll need to pay an extra 200 USD for just these two features. Well, the display size is worth it, let me tell you that. The regular Pro model has a 6.1-inch display. When you watch a video or play a game on a 6.7-inch display, it will be way more enjoyable, way more comfortable than a 6.1-inch display. You may not need that zoom lens. But it won’t hurt for some additional photography. Now, I can’t yet say that I am an Apple fan as I am not experienced with their ecosystem. But I can say that I really liked the iPhone 15 Pro series.

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

iPhone 15 features

Now these phones don’t have the titanium frame, there is the A16 Bionic chipset from last year and the camera level is also much lower compared to the Pro versions. Although the cameras are still pretty fine, flagship-level. But almost all the things that we liked in the phones above are missing in these regular models. If you are an Apple fan on a slightly lower budget, these can be a choice for you. But they didn’t catch much of our attention and we didn’t see that much changes here at all compared to the previous models.

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