Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Ranks 2nd in DxOMark Camera Test

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max back camera

DxOMark is worldwide known for the camera, audio, display and battery tests of smartphones. Yesterday on 26th September, they tested and reviewed the camera of the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to DxOMark, the camera of this phone takes 2nd place in the global ranking scoring 154. Above them is the Huawei P60 Pro which scored 156. Note that, this is the score only for the back camera department.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max camera test

As you can see from the above review, the phone lacks slight autofocus, noise, the telephoto lens, artifacts and the wide part. Apart from that, this is a champion camera in most of the important departments.

The brightness and the contrast are the first thing they have admired in this camera and from our observation of the hands-on reviews that we have seen, we can say the same. The same goes for exposure, natural skin tones, details and so on. They have also put the autofocus and video stabilization on the positive side. It is the “ultimate video recording smartphone” as DxOMark stated in their review and we couldn’t agree more.

They have noticed noise in low-light photos which interferes with the professional mobile photography level in low-light conditions. Although the flair is significantly reduced e.g. from the sun compared to last year’s Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, there is still the visible presence of flare, ghosting and aliasing. The zoomed photos have inconsistent details which may be because of the software side rather than its hardware.