Android 14 is out now

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Android 14 teaser

Google released Android’s new version Android 14 today on 4th October 2023. They have also released the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphones which will be the first phones to run on Android 14.

So what’s new?

There are two major new things.

  1. It’s more customizable
  2. It has more data safety


Android 14 Ultra HDR support

There is Ultra HDR support for the display. So, if you now take HDR photos with your camera, it shows up on the screen with more vibrant colors, darker shadows and brighter highlights. Then, you can now make your theme monochrome right from the device.

Android 14 AI wallpaper generator

We’re getting AI-powered wallpapers that function like those trendy AI art generator apps and software services. Basically, you can type any text for example “a focused red flower” and click on “inspire me” and AI will generate a photo based on the text you wrote. It’s processed images and more personalized which does make a difference than a common industrial wallpaper.

Android 14 lock screen feature

Then there are custom clocks and lock screen shortcuts that look contemporary, more intuitive and stylish.

Data Safety

While apps and services are more desperate than ever for your data for all sorts of purposes, Android 14 brings in more cautious features to let you decide and know what kind of data you share with the apps you use.

There is also a recommended 6-digit password option to unlock the phone for increased default safety. Another thing is that health and fitness apps have become very common lately and the users need to show a lot of health data. This version of Android helps to gather all health apps in one place and control the data privacy.

Other features

There is also improved visual and sound accessibility with pinch to zoom feature, changing fort sizes quickly. It also has support for connecting with hearing aid devices. There is also a so-called flash notification where you can use the camera flash for notifications.

Other new stuff on Android in general

Android September update has some cool new features such as WhatsApp availability on Wear OS smartwatches, and finding places and directions directly on the smartwatch. There is also a translation feature directly in the Android Gmail app which we find to be cool.

Android Earthquake detection

But the coolest new feature we’d say is the early earthquake warnings. It uses a shaking mechanism to detect earthquakes emerging nearby which can grant some precious seconds for you to prepare and act. This feature is available in 95+ countries.