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Note: The availability of BlackBerry mobile phones in Bangladesh is very limited.

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BlackBerry smartphones were originally designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by the Canadian company BlackBerry Limited (Formally known as Research in Motion or RIM). The first BlackBerry phone was released in January 1999. Since then it has been a long way. Now, Chinese company TCL Corporation is releasing BlackBerry phones under the name “BlackBerry Mobile”. An Indian and an Indonesian company are operating the business together with TCL Corporation. Canadian BlackBerry Limited became an enterprise software and service company. BlackBerry was always a highly respectable name in the mobile phone industry. It is because of their design, hardware and software quality, usability, level of security and QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry Pearl 8100 released in 2006 is among the most sold bar phones of the world (15 million copies sold). BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 released in August 2011 was one of their remarkable smartphones.

The Fall of BlackBerry

Until the end of 2009, BlackBerry alone had about 20% of smartphone OS market share (Statista). After that, the time came when Android revealed itself as the Operating System leader for smartphones. Since 2010, the BlackBerry OS continued to lose its market share. At the end of 2013, their market share went down under 1%. The brand introduced some individualistic Android smartphones to survive in the market. But the classic BlackBerry continued to struggle to merge with Android after they had a rich history of their own unique OS. They tried to invest more to develop their OS further, but Android and iOS were still preferable by the vast majority. The new generation of smartphone users was more interested in innovative apps, camera and a larger open community over a traditional, secure and elegant chat-based phone. We see this as the major reason behind the fall of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry in Bangladesh

BlackBerry was one of the few brands that could compete with Nokia in the early days of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Their QWERTY keyboard was highly popular among the young generation as messaging was very popular in Bangladesh from the early time. Then Android came with the advanced touch keyboard and various chat apps. It led BlackBerry almost instantly lose their popularity in the Bangladeshi smartphone market. BlackBerry is now producing Android devices, but their presence in Bangladesh is very insignificant.