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Bengal BG 211 4 SIM
Bengal BG 211
৳2,250 4 SIM

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Bengal Mobile is a Bangladeshi mobile phone brand that operates mainly in Bangladesh. The trademark is known for some of its feature phones that generated a good amount of sales among the feature or button phone users or lower-cost mobile phone consumers of the country.

The main specialty of this product is that some of their phones support up to four SIM cards in one single device. This is surely a very flexible and practical option for a variety of consumer types from business owners to private users. As feature phones are also low-cost, it is very convenient for those who are primarily focused on just making calls or sending text messages.

Many models also provide features such as FM Radio, camera, MP3/Mp4 players, strong torch light, and long battery life with up to 2500 mAh battery. As of 2023, they only focus on manufacturing feature phones. They may produce more relevant products such as accessories or smartphones in the future. But as of now, there is no such announcement from them.