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About MobileDokan.com

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MobileDokan.com, (literally means “MobileShop.com” in Bengali) was founded in the year 2013 as a mobile phone info website in Bangladesh. The primary goal was to provide the latest price and phone releases in the Bangladeshi market. Apart from that, we also had a blog section and different filter options so that visitors could find phones with their desired features easily.

Vision and Goals

We aim to be the number one mobile phone info site in Bangladesh where mobile phone users, fans, enthusiasts and consumers can get the latest accurate information about the market. This includes prices, technical specifications, ratings, reviews, comparisons, competitors, browsing phones by different brands, price range, finding mobile phone shops, read latest news from the industry and so on. We have a 100% honest information policy and we use our experience of the market and expertise in the technical details of the phones to present our website in the best possible manner.

Apart from that, MobileDokan.com aims to remain a fully neutral and independent source of information. For this reason, we do not have any partnership with any brand or mobile phone shop. It helps us to always present every phone from a fair perspective, no matter which brand it is or who is its seller.

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