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Latest 5Star Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023


5Star BD22 4 SIM
5Star BD22
৳1,890 4 SIM
5Star BD5101
5Star BD5101
৳1,250 Dual

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5Star (5Star Digi-Tech Industries Ltd.) is a Bangladeshi mobile phone manufacturing label. It is a part of Alamin & Brothers group that owns three brands in this industry which are 5Star, Vega and Agetel. The brand 5Star first started to gain popularity for its features or so-called button phones. Now they also produce some smartphones as well as mobile phone accessories such as low-cost earbuds and NB.

5Star started to assemble their phones in Bangladesh in the year 2018. In 2020, they established their own factory and all their manufacturing is now based on their own factory. As of September 2023, their production capacity was 12,000 units per day.

5Star also aims to make Digital Electronics Products (IOT oriented) as well as home appliances in the future. Here on our website we are primarily focused on presenting feature phones from them which are already known in the market or have generated a significant amount of sales. If the label grows and presents some other relevant gadgets or smartphones that gain attention from consumers in this highly competitive industry, we will consider presenting them to our visitors.